Need a 3v3 LoL player

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I've gotten bored with WoW recently and have been playing a lot of LoL with my real life friends.

After going through horrible partners and getting over 1350 rating ELO, we decided we wanted to buckle down and get a bit more serious.

We need a bruiser AD champion who wants a ranked 3v3 team.

We usually play at each others houses, we have good reliable internet and we know how to communicate.

Reply on here or add: "The Spell Weaver" or "Wargreymonomega" on LoL

EDIT: We're both just done with our first semester of college, and are on break for over a month.
idk if u know or not but these are the wow forums
But we thought we would extend and aks. (I'm the other LoL player btw)
Oh why thank you, I obviously haven't tried posting on the LoL forums at all.

We've been trying people out all day, but no one is good at that game I swear to God almighty, so we have brought our recruitment t other forums we regularly go on in search of someone competent.
I would join you, except I'm on the SEA servers. I play almost exclusively bruisers, and trying to master Jax.
Iroh, go on NA server, get to 30 and do it up.
NA blocked SEA's IPs. Unless I use an IP bypass, I'll not be able to log in, and IP bypassing destroys latency.
LOL has SEA servers?
12/13/2012 06:48 AMPosted by Cryomancy
LOL has SEA servers?

Yup, but Garena hosts it over here.

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