Lil' Ragnaros vs Water Waveling bug

Pet Battles
decided to buy lil rag today cause it was half price and tomorrow is my b-day so i wanted to treat myself, and encountered a bug that kinda made me laugh. started the fight with lil rag vs water waveling and used magma trap, then on my next turn used sons of the flame. on the water wavelings next turn they used tidal wave.

on my next turn the battle ended and i got 2 messages in the chat log

WARNING: Invalid auraInstanceID passed to FindObject: 6
Failed to create pet battle.

so i guess i wont be using that ability when facing anything with a wave ability haha.
I own neither one, but I've seen posts saying the same thing happens with Terrible Turnip's Sons of the Living Root. Any remove battlefield objects ability probably does the same thing, such as Sweep. Which is too bad, right now the only counter is a Shell like ability that negates all the damage. I wonder if quake will damage submerged Rags or Turnips.

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