[H] Provisional Sin-4/12, LF ele/mage

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(Updated 5/30)

Tues/Wed/Thurs 8PM PST:
Progression: 4/12
-Mage or Elemental Shaman
Tokens are as follows currently
Vanquisher: 3
Protection: 3
Conqueror: 3
Contact Rezlio for more details

<Provisional Sin> is a semi-hardcore progression and social oriented guild. We're the opposite of family friendly and are focused on community first. We have perks, helpful members, alts of all levels and lower level mats to help leveling both toons and their professions. In terms of PvE, we do a bit of old content for transmogs, mounts, vanity pets, and of course for achievements but also are focused on downing current expansion bosses as well.

We have two separate groups currently: a Tuesday and Wednesday (3/12 - Council downed! without a lust or a fifth dps) and a Friday and Saturday (2/12 with a few productive pulls on Council). Due to a guild merge, we are also currently forming a third raid roster for progressive ToT runs and more additions to our random guild pugs through tier 14 content (this third group will not go progressively through ToT until the end of the spring semester-a college student's dream team? Maybe).

Although we offer guild invites to anyone interested, to be considered for any of our raid rosters we request players have the following traits:

-Responsibility (take care of business-get upgrades for yourself, take the time to read up on the fights ahead, reforge/gem/enchant/glyph as necessary)
- Knowledgable (about their class, including its own versatility and the fights)
-Competence (capable of putting their knowledge to use; not just knowing what to do but capable of doing it)
-Adaptability (knowing how they can survive on their own for a crucial few seconds, being able to move if an unlucky mechanic becomes a hazard to the raid group as a whole, etc)
-Cooperation (capable of using different variations of communication in and out of fights-to help out where they can and offer assistance to the team)
-Punctual (being on time for raids, and not 10 minutes late-we understand real life happens but we have only a certain amount of time each week to work on killing internet dragons and we want to be able to use as much of that time as possible in actually making progression on boss fights)

In terms of our loot system, we do a bit of a mix up between a round robin and loot council:
-Main spec biggest upgrade
-If 2+ raiders need a piece of loot that is the same ilvl upgrade, it reverts to a round robin system (note: if someone can benefit more from the secondary stats than another, we may decide to give that piece of gear to one person over another)
-If 2+ raiders have the same amount of gear from that run (whether it be 0, 1, 2, etc), it reverts to a loot roll
-the same rules for main spec apply to offspec
-Disenchanted for enchanting/crafting mats

We offer as much to our guildies as possible to ensure that they are as optimized as possible, including gems, enchants, glyphs, bank repair, flasks for each progressive raid and food. We also attempt to prevent doubling up of classes or classes that wear similar gear types along with accommodating their availability for raids as much as possbile.

If you feel you have these abilities as a raider, and feel you could provide for the team and not just for yourself, and of course the rest of it sounds acceptable to you, then I highly recommend getting in touch with one of our three officers (myself (Rezy#1582), Kyonshi, or Grimvice) if you have questions or would like an invite.
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476 Dpriest (an alt but just as committed on this alt as i am on main) looking for consistent raid group to be a part of (meaning raiders actually show up on raid nites). Willing to server/faction change if i find the right group.
Do you have any toons that are Horde at 90 to see how you do? I'd hate for you to faction change only to find that we aren't a good fit for you.

Worse case, you can make a Horde alt and run lower level dungeons with us to level (you get Double Agent out of it if you don't have that already) and can get used to the guildies in that fashion.
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Random fact: We're all a little insane and will get just about all your jokes-or at least one of us.
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Random fact: if you don't put a cooking fire down while I'm in group, you're doing it wrong. ;)
Join to figure out what I mean!
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