[H] Provisional Sin-4/12, LF ele/mage

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Bump for a fellow guild leader.

Random fact: Rezy enjoys a glass of wine and some fine cheese late Sunday nights, staring wistfully into the fireplace.

Very wistfully.
Aww, you're too kind, sir. Wistful is indeed a fun part of my daily routine. :P

Slots are filling. If you're interested, even just a little bit, feel free to ask for more details. If you can't fit these times, level an alt, and by the time you're geared, we'll probably have another group up and ready for you to join it too. :)
Updated for clarity
Heya Rezy, sorry I didn't respond back sooner. Thanks for posting on my thread. I'll see if I can't get a hold of you in game. :)
Look forward to it. :)

Updated again (sorry for bump spam but want to keep the information accurate)
Revised 1/31
Updated 2/4

Up from 4/16 to 7/16 on a whim. Grats to my guildies.
Updated 2/8

I really dislike raid members to buy their own consumables. :c I make them out of love for everyone and getting told they already have them makes a sad Rezy.
Updated 2/16
Update 2/19
Updated again. ^_^; Forgot we could use a bear tank in that group.
Updated 2/22
Updated 2/24
Updated 2/25.

Likes the prefix Rez- and the Tauren race (specifically females) far too much.
Updated 2/26

Our ranking system is as follows: Innocent, Slothful, Greedy, Gluttonous, Wrathful, Envious, Glorious, Lustful, Vain and Prideful. The ranks are correlated to what you can get out of the guild bank in terms of items and guild repair. The higher the rank, the more tabs you have access to. Currently working on our 8th tab by getting the Stay Classy achievement! Just 2 more of all races but Blood Elves an Tauren left.
Updated 2/27

We have Mumble and use it relatively awesome for random chattings and guild meetings-besides our way of communicating through raids. My favorite channel is "General !@#$%ing"
Updated 3/3

People sing in Mumble. A person favorite of mine is "Adds" by Grimvice.
Updated 3/4
Still looking for a tank.

Our last week of putting random stuff together and managing to get 8/16. We'll see how well our other "impromptu" group goes tomorrow night. These groups we're recruiting for will go live this upcoming Tuesday (3/12).
Need a plate tank. Anyone at all interested?

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