[H] Provisional Sin-4/12, LF ele/mage

Still lookin' for an awesome tank for our awesome group of peoplez.

Got first boss in ToT down tonight in our Tues/Wed group. Good job all. :)
Need a new mage and still looking for a plate tank.

We're a sociable group. We want someone that's going to be chatty and have fun with us as well.
Looking for more dedicated people to kill some internet dragons! Don't have quite the ilvl yet? Not a big deal, promise. We run tier 14 as well to help get along with one another.
Check these guys out, a lot of talented players in each group =].
Bump for sinning!.. >_>
<3 Thanks Kat. We shall miss you, dahlin'. :(
Updated 3/19

School has made us look for new recruits for our Tues/Wed group. :/ Some big shoes to fill!
Tues/Wed: 6/6, 2/6, 4/4, 1/12
Fri/Sat: 6/6, 2/6, 3/4, 0/12

Looking for a healer and a tank! We're doing ToES regularly now to get some high level gear before progressing through ToT. We may end up going back to HoF, and are doing MsV for only a few upgrades (normally taking an hour and a half or so to complete).

Progression WILL continue to improve as we get more solid raiders! Come check us out, see how you fit. :)
Looking for a pally and a mage.

Tues/Wed: 6/6, 3/6, 4/4, 1/12 with a few pulls on Horridon. Hopefully tonight will go well and we can down us a dino.
Fri/Sat: 6/6, 2/6, 3/4, 0/12

Having issues finding that last person, so progression has been at a stand still. :( This could be your permanent spot!
Due to our melee heavy Tues/Wed group, we're having to revise groups for optimization.

We're now currently looking for two raid aware and adaptable healers to be healing with myself. Knowing your personal cooldowns and how your class/spec works is HIGHLY important. A priest, paladin or shaman (any combo of the three) will create a diverse healing composition.

Currently, we're having issues finding reliable tanks to show up for raids, geared, optimized and knowledgable of what's to come. Our dps in the group is awesome, and working on their gear level consistently to be ready for what's next. We're ready for ToT, we're ready to consistently and regularly clear tier 14 if necessary for some upgrades. But to get anywhere quickly, we need tanks to help lead the way and be the meat-shield for our team.
Fri/Sat group has completed downing all of ToES and are looking for that last tank to get started in ToT progression.

Tues/Wed is still in need of two dedicated healers and a elemental shaman or mage that knows their stuff. :)
Still looking for four raiders. That may sound like a lot, but we have a solid group of people now, just need those last few holes filled and we'll be cruisin' and farmin' ToT, no problem.

If you need help getting gear, that's cool, we can work on your toon through tier 14 gear-we have many helpful members ready to step up and help out. Show dedication to us, and we'll reciprocate. Just give me a shout in game and we'll come up with something. :)
Our Tues/Wed group is having difficulty keeping their WoW lives open for raiding. We're looking for long-term raiders with dedication to the group and their own ability to grow. Send me a message in game so we can chat! Rezy#1582
Updated due to recruitment.

So close to downing Horridon, I can feel it. :) With pugs! Feel confident that our progression with ToT will continue in a positive direction tomorrow night and with solid raiders in our groups. Come join the silliness.
Wednesday, our Tues/Wed group finally got Horridon down! Hoping Tuesday comes with great success and easily downing the first two bosses and at least a few successful and progressive pulls on Council if not a down on them. Wednesday we hope to finish off Council if not done already and attempt Tortos.

Our Fri/Sat group is still looking for that tank to get started in ToT! Now looking for a top notch holy paladin too!
A shield tank for our Fri/Sat group would allow our otherwise set raid group to start seriously focusing on ToT and a holy paladin to help out with more kills on the bosses for our Tues/Wed.

Even if your item level is sub par, we are more than willing to help out getting you the gear-running tier 14 for upgrades, LFRs for others, doing dailies as a group so they don't seem like such a chore while chatting over Mumble and maybe be able to craft some nice purples for you with our recipes.

So please, take a look at us if your role is open to see what we can do for you in preparation for the group effort we can do together. :) If your role is not currently on the list of things we need, still send us a message and see if we're looking possibly for you.
Boss kills. We shall have some. Half our Fri/Sat group has also managed to down 2/6 heroic modes in MsV. Not bad for spontaneous raids. :)

Get in on the action! Starting this week, we'll be holding regular tier 14 raids of the group's choosing. Kill some older content quickly so we can get a few upgrades. :) Can also try a few heroic attempts-especially on bosses in MsV and stuff like that.
Do you guys still need a Holy Pally?
Sorry for the late reply! We might actually need one for our Fri/Sat group, 8PST, but we won't know until next weekend after test running our priest in that group.

Feel free to message me in game so we can chat more. Rezy#1582
Progression, recruitment needs and overall information has been updated.

TL;DR: we've successfully downed Horridon on our two ToT progressive groups and due to an influx of excellent raiders, have decided to take on an earlier raiding group (Sun/Mon @5PM PST) that will be gearing up a little in tier 14 raids before jumping into ToT progressively.

We are currently checking out a healer for our Fri/Sat group, but quite possibly could be interested in getting another. Updates will come after a raid this week to see how the members mesh.

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