[H] Provisional Sin-4/12, LF ele/mage

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Still recruiting for our up and coming group! Great for those that are busy during the school year but are wanting to kick start their summer in wow with raids.

Also are in need for that third healer for our Fri/Sat group! Leather or plate, doesn't matter to us, but all of that gear will go straight to you since we have a shammy and priest in that group already.
Still in need of that last healer for our Fri/Sat group!

And just to prove our awesomeness: our hunter went down well before Sul was dead (probably at about 15 mil) who was our bloodlust for this week (a guildie is working on gearing her ele sham to join the group instead of her kitty). We managed to kill them 2 seconds after beserk went of without a lust and down a dps.

For semi-hardcore, I couldn't be prouder of my raiders. Good job to all:

Grimvice, Daughter (freakin' Zevs....), Rezyarouas, Paiisley and Amitayus, Sephirothd, Scaroth, Kidami, Ishnok, Rook and Dragoncloude. :)
Currently just in need of a few more healers for our newest group. Again, if you're not optimal for ToT, do not fret-this group has some alts of members where they also need loot. Due to our loot system, gearing these toons will be a breeze in terms of whatever drops goes to one person so people among the group do not have to fight over it.

Don't have a lot of time right now because of school? Check us out for when the semester ends.
Good luck this week raiders. :)
3/12 first night and some productive pulls on Tortos. Good job so far group 1. :)
Updated for needs.
Successfully downed Tortos last night. Sadly, due to sleepiness, we only managed to get to the fifth head on Megeara before calling it.

If you're interested in joining up, please contact Kyonshi or Grimvice until Sunday, seeing as I will be out of town.
rezy<3 I just want to let you know that you are pretty freaking awesome, AND I am so happy that we did the AR/PS merger, it was a great move for my raiders and we are all having a blast blowing stuff up with you guys!<3
<3 Paiisley.

It's been a great move overall I'd say. We're seeing content with stable, reliable raiders each week.

Our newest group has changed it's days to Saturday/Sunday at 4PM to 7:30 and is in need of two healers. Shammy > pally/disc priest > holy priest/monk

Our Tues/Wed group sadly is starting to look for another tank. Warrior > Pally > Bear/Monk, sorry no DKs.

If interested, please message the following for more in-depth group info:

Currently looking for a tank and a few healers to top off our groups. :)

Recruitment leaders of our groups:
Good group of people to raid with. They're pretty relaxed but they do get bosses killed, which is great.
Thanks for the compliments, Destro. :) Always enjoy raiding with you.

Currently raiding tier 14 a few times a week (2 MsV's, 2 HoF's, 2 ToES's) to help gear up people. :) So if you don't have the gear, no need to worry. You can tag along and get some gear for yourself as well.

Doing old content too for legendaries, transmogs, titles, achievements and vanity pets. Come enjoy a bunch of silly people all oriented at getting stuff done together as a group. :)

Recruitment leaders:
Tues/Wed group: Rezyarouas, Rezlio or Rezix
Fri/Sat group: Kyonshi or Amitayus
Sat/Sun group: Rook or Swarkles

A few members of ours are currently looking into making possibly a fourth group (yes, I said it) for really late night players. Contact Jaimi for more information.
3/12 with 2 pugs, not bad. Still looking for solid committed members for our raid groups.
Would you take a 507 holy paly for your tues/wed group? I'm transferring realms as soon as I get paid.
Friend me through battle.tag and I'll get back to you about it as soon as possible. :)

Updated. :)

Good luck in 5.3!
Sadly our two groups are now down to one! Due to some inconviences in the changes of times and such, we are currently looking for a healer and ranged dps for this group! 3/12 in one night with a new group and two pugs. Not bad. :) Good job to my guildies.
Rezy always makes homemade taquitos for everyone on raid nights! How can you pass up a deal like that?
We have a taquito pirate party planned soon! :D <3 Raymond

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