Spriest Synapse Springs Macro PvP

Hi Everyone! I have synapse springs and I'm wondering if I need to macro it to one of my spells. I primarily pvp. Any help would be awesome, including how to setup the macro. Thanks!
If I remember from my Engineer correctly, I think it has a min CD which means it doesn't really have obvious synergy with your other spells.

I would macro it with Devouring Plague. You technically get a Devouring Plague every 26 seconds (less if you're specced and talented into it) so roughly every minute you can use DP.

/use 10
/cast Devouring Plague

(I think the slot for gloves is ten, not really sure).

Edit: When you do use it though, reapply your dots so they get buffed as well.
It does have a 1 minute CD, which lines up nicely with mindbender if you use that little guy.

I don't think I'd recommend it for PvP play; I'm assuming mindbender benefits from your stats like most pets, but I could be wrong. Anyways, mindbender is easy to avoid.

Do note that Synapse springs will put your burst trinket on CD for 20some seconds, and since your trinket is now a 1 min CD, it can take some juggling to line them up well.
or /use itemname
/stop cast
/cast spellname

simple yet effective lol
Thanks! I actually went with the insignia so my gloves wouldn't interfere with the trinket. I miss the controllable spell power though. Perhaps with the trinket change, the insignia is the way go. I just didn't want to be an engineer for nothing.

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