Cleansing rain team. Viable?

Pet Battles
And if so which aquatic pets do you believe would fit best in this line up?
The first team I had real success with was toad, tundra penguin, and turtle. Nice mix of damage types.
I would avoid teams based on weather, u should use it more as a tool but if i were to say.

Speed based Water Strider Strider, Frog, and Oil Slime

I would give your frog all 3 bottom abilities, strider should get poison spit,heal and pump, and the slime should get ooze touch and its 2 dots.

This gives your team defence vs flyers (ooze), and a good diversity of attacks. the reason you want ur strider to have its move sets and speed is cuz you want to go in pump and then withdraw.

Have frog set up weather, down the line.

Then you can power swap and just drop a pump on them whenever u feel it would be a good time.

P.S. I guess you could have your frog have kiss, but the spell is really weak and your will get screwed by the RNG more then it will favor u.
very good info so far tyvm. And yes you wouldnt be the first to say to avoid a weather based team. But i need a theme to function. Having just 3 random pets that are good on their own bugs me.
Well its not like I don't make weather comps. I never tried a cleansing rain team. Give me a week, I think I can do better then the last comp.
I have beaten many a team by kissing them to death. RNG and I are homies though.
When you do let me know XD
You got me all exited about this. I power leveled my level one croc and made this team. I only done 6 pvp fights 5 wins one lose.

The set ups simple enough.

Strider for weather and heavy damage (u could swap out a high attack power strider but u can't pull off the surprise swap), Squirrel is defence and bleed set-up, and croc comes in after squirrel to land a killing blow.

If the stars align properly, u will have 25% from weather, target bleeding and ready to be one-shotted.

takes some practice, 6 battles isn't enough to truly test its PvP worthiness. But you will be glad to know after I used the first 6 masters to level the croc. I used this combo to decimate the rest.

Just inspect my team to see the abilities I put up, oh ya the croc can be very tankish due to Cleansing Rain+consume
Oh wow looks amazing
Do you think a dragonkin with magic attacks would suffice as a flying counter? Its offensively and defensely good against them, however the ooze has the DOTS. Im torn.
I'd use Sprite Darter as a flying counter, personally. Works really well for that.

Set up Dodge, Arcane Blast and Moonfire- you can decimate almost any flyer.

Or, since you want to set up around Cleansing Rain, you could run Cyclone in the last slot, but it really sucks, imo.

You could also run Strider, Magic Crawdad/Emperor Crab/Sprite Darter...

Strider to set up Cleansing Rain, Sprite Darter as a flying counter, and the crab to tank/heal, with the strider swapped in for damage.
It's a good idea, but Weather can easily be countered, so be careful.
Doesnt cleansing rain only lower the rounds of *Hostile* dots? Atleast thats what the text says. If it was all dots then it should just say *All damage over time effects last one round less*
Cleansing rain affects all dots.

You could try throwing in a Hopling or Scourged Whelpling for their breath ability, bonus damage during rain, as an alternative.
Ugh then yea having an ooze is counter productive if his dots are gonna last 1 round shorter. SUcks i finally got my rare jade oozeling last night :(

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