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I don't post very often but i have an idea that i feel would make the LFR loot system a lot better (still not perfect but better).

Right now it randomly gives out loot which is fine however it doesn't take into account those who have that said item already. My proposition is this add a feature when it pops up and tells you you won an item you have the option to pass on the item and send it back into the roll Q to be sent to the next person in line repeating until someone click the i need option. and they win the item. Not a perfect solution and those who are greedy will still be greedy but i know ppl like myself that are tired of getting the same item over n over just to vendor it why others in the raid may need the item will utilize this feature pretty well.

Probably not the right forum to post this in but oh well lol
Raid forum for it.
12/11/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Cpe
however it doesn't take into account those who have that said item already.

No loot system that has ever been in the game, since they very beginning, has EVER looked at what gear you already have.

If the boss's loot table has an item appropriate for your class and spec, and you "win" the system roll, you get that item, whether or not you already have it. If it saw you already had that item and took that into consideration, then it would give you nothing because that boss's loot table had nothing else for your class and spec.

The way it is now, at least you still get something you can sell or DE (if you are an enchanter).

you have the option to pass on the item and send it back into the roll Q to be sent to the next person in line

Each player's roll is totally independent of the other players. There is no interaction for loot between players. There is no "roll Q" because it is just you against the system, not against other players. Each player of appropriate class and spec has the same chance to get that same piece of loot, regardless of your results. You getting that piece does not affect others chance of getting that same piece.
when you roll, you roll against other players the one that gets the highest number wins the item ... all i am saying is why not give the winner the option to pass it down to the one who got the second highest roll and so forth if they dont need/want until it gets to someone that does.

course that is assuming the rolling system is the same as it is in any other situation in the game. They just removed the option up front for you to need/greed/pass and made it to where you auto need on anything your class can need on.
That's not actually how it works Cpe. You're not rolling against the other players. You're rolling against yourself.

Depending on your roll, you either get gold or loot. It doesn't matter what others roll.
It's potentially possible for everyone in a 25-man LFR to win an item, or for none of them to do so.
As the others have said, CPE, there are two different drop system mechanics in the game.

1. everything, dungeons and raids alike, prior to Mists of Pandaria (AKA, Cataclysm, WofLK, BC, Vanilla) In this one, you roll against other players and need/greed/pass on the gear as you see fit. An exception is that the MoP Normal and Heroic dungeons are included in this drop system. ,

2. MoP LFR/normal and Heroic raids. They use a different system so that every players are not affected by others, this has been included mainly to stop people from ninja'ing loot which they didn't needed. How it works if that the game internally roll a 1-100 dice, if you get anything over 85, you get a drop that's appropriate for your current class and spec. if you get lower than 85, you're stuck with 28g50s.

Hope you understand

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