Comparing Weapons

Im curious to know wich weapon should i use, i got Fang Kung, Spark of Titans 1/2 upgrade. i also have Taoren, the Soul Burner and willing to use Crystallized Dread and upgrade to 2/2 if i can get more dps than the previous option, i tried use simulationcraft to determine that but im not sure if i did right. Any help? very please
To me this is a no brainer, take the gun, the agility boost from the dread crystal is worth it.
For me even if I upgrade the gun 2/2 the Lfr gun is only about 150 dps higher with the gem. Gonna roll with the bow till I have valor to waste.
To OP:

Taoren Gun Lfr > Kang due to the gem slot.

However, I see you have killed Leishi thrice on Reg now. Hold out for the Reg Version. You may have the financial means but it is a waste of VP in the long term (if you are upgrading it too; if you are not then it is fine).

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