The Ambitious - 10M Progression Guild LFM

The Ambitious is a casual progression raiding guild, we just recently move to Kil'Jaeden from Spinebreaker.

Our guild has been around since WoTLK, but did not raid much until Cataclysm. We had a steady raid group for most of the Cataclysm expansion. Most of our raid group has now gone their separate ways and due to Spinebreaker being difficult to find players of quality (Due to low population, and most people being in guilds already) we decided to come to another server. We are a mature guild who like to joke around amongst ourselves, but when it comes to raiding and progressing through the content we like to take a more serious approach to it.

A lot of our members have played together since BC, and our leadership in guild has not changed since the guild was founded. Our officers are knowledgeable and helpful, and we try to help our out guild members and our raiders when we are able to. We are hoping that we will be able to find what we are looking for on Kil'Jaeden!

Raid Days: Currently our raid day is Saturday 6-10pm Server time. We are going to be looking at adding another day when we complete our raid group. (Most likely Tuesdays)

What We Look For: We are looking for other casual players who like to see progress working with the same team and completing content. We are looking for someone who doesn't mind wiping a few times to get our strategies right, and who knows their class and what it can do. We would like to eventually have a second raid group (and will be looking in and outside our guild for those who might be interested) as we feel that having a second raid group would keep both raid groups eager to keep up with the content, and helps to promote friendly competition within the guild. We are also looking for pvpers as we would like to start up an RBG team in the near future as well (and might also possibly be looking for officers for this as well) We will take alts of players, but if you are wanting to be in our core group, then we need you to be there on time, or we will replace you.

What We Need For Our Core Group: Currently we are in need of 2 tanks and ranged dps (non mage). We will take all roles for the start of a second group as well. We require a 470 item level, fully enchanted&gemmed gear and no PVP gear at all (No Exceptions). We also expect you to have the correct glyphs and be reforged correctly if need be. We expect each player to know their own class, and bring a good attitude to the raid, and leave your drama at the door. Overall we are a friendly laid back guild that likes to complete things as guild. We like to work on guild achievements and strive to complete guild challenges each week. We would like to find more players with the same attitudes as us that will work towards completing end content. We are also accepting characters of any level that just like a laid back place to level. Hope to see you in game! :)

For more information message:
My Battletag: Picayune#1633
Alazuri (Guild Officer): Slax#1187
Zennights Battletag (He's the GM): Hiddennight#1191
We are also thinking of adding Tuesday 6pm server to our raiding schedule we are currently in need of tanks, 1 heals and ranged dps (excluding mage). Please feel free to message me in game with my battletag as shown above for more information, questions, concerns ,and to be considered for a position in our raids. Also socials are always accepted and we like to keep a active community of people who do things together and always looking for more people to be apart of it

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