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So I got my account hacked about a year ago and all the info was changed. Waay back then, there had aparently been too many changes to the account in too short a time period and when I called to recover it, I was told the most they could do was revert it back to an old email that I guess the hacked had put on. I have no access to that email, and since the hacker changed it twice blizzard only went back one. They had hacked my own personal email account, which after a month or so I recovered. Now, about a year later I figured would be a good time to try and recover the account. I've made a new battle net with all new accounts but figured I'd rather use my old one. I went to the blizz site, did the whole account recovery stuff. When I went to imput the email, I figured it needed the CURRENT email that was on the account, so I put in the one that blizz had reverted it to. I put in the rest of the information and was happy to see that the recovery was under way. However, I expected a place where it would ask me if I no longer had access to my email? Which it did not. So now the whole account recovery got sent to the hacker's first email. I did some reading and it turns out I can use an old email just for cases like mine. But when I go to do it it says a recovery is already in place. Now, what I am asking is, how do I cancel this account recovery and start a new one with my email I CAN use? Any help blizz?

Account got hacked, hacker changed email from x (mine) to Y then to Z.
Hacker changed aparently a lot of info on the account.
Hacker stole my email X
I called blizzard, they were only able to restore my account to email Y from Z.
I recovered email X, but it wasn't associated with the account anymore.
I wait 1 year
I tried recovery form, I put as adress email Y expecting the form to ask if I still had access to email Y.
I tried another recovery form with email X but it says another one is in place.
I WANT to stop the current recovery form and make a new one with my email.
12/11/2012 10:02 PMPosted by Enzìo
Hacker changed aparently a lot of info on the account.

Like what information because the only information that can be changed is the billing profile and the username and password and none of that information is used to verify your the owner of the account.

You need to call Billing and Accounting Services for assistance.

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