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I was wondering what the difference is between normal heroic mode? I want to try out healing i did get the special adventure gear from the vendor but i am able to do heroics would it be hard for me to heal heroics?
Only way to find out.. is jump in :P

We had a druid healer last night who died constantly

... it turns out, depending on the fight, if the group is good, you can get by without a healer :P

We managed to down 2 bosses with no heals at all.

The worst that can happen, is you discover you're not ready yet.

However, it's probably best that you start with some scenarios, at the very least, complete Arena of Annihilation, to get your Jol'Grum's Frozen Mace

Scenarios are short, fast, and easy.. and you'll get nice 450+ rewards for most runs if you select "random" via the scenario finder.
Normal dungeons are a bit easier than Heroic mode dungeons. The bosses and monsters are also higher level in the heroic mode. Right now your spirit is bit low, and you may find yourself running out of mana on longer boss fights. I would reforge spirit onto any piece that doesn't have any.

If you know an engineer, you can have them make you a Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket with spirit/mastery/haste cogwheels, which will help a lot since both your trinkets right now are tanking trinkets.

I also agree with Nobully about getting the mace from the Arena. It's a pretty good weapon and the extra spellpower on it will help you a lot. I would also make sure you gem and enchant items that are 450 ilevel or higher. You don't have to use the best gems/enchants if you don't have a lot of gold, but there are some lesser enchants (but still MoP quality) that can be very helpful when you're a bit undergeared.

Personally, I would recommend starting in normals or scenarios at first. This is because a lot of healing is getting down the muscle memory for where each heal you use is, and not even thinking about it, just seeing how much health is gone and immediately picking the right heal. At level 90, you'll have a little more wiggle room for reaction time in normals or scenarios and can work on building that muscle memory.
Heroics usually have bosses and perhaps mobs with more health points.
If you've never healed before, you don't want to start learning in level 90 heroics, because everyone will expect you to already know what you're doing by that point. Another way to get some practice is to run Normal version of MoP dungeons with some guildmates, maybe even a Cata dungeon, and of course there's making a new pally alt to practice with, so you can learn from mistakes in a much more forgiving environment.

Besides mobs hitting harder and taking less damage, Heroic version often has extra mechanics and attacks, like a boss will have a stun that he didn't have on Normal, sometimes followed by an attack that's particularly deadly if you don't move to a specific place. It can be challenging enough to jump into a Heroic version without being aware of those changes, but even harder when you also have to heal through them and you're still learning which abilities to use.
In Cataclysm, the Heroic versions had different mechanics (most of which were deadly) or had mechanics that you could pretty much ignore in the regular dungeons but that would one shot you in Heroics if you didn't do them correctly, every time.

In Mists, the 2 non-heroic's differ from their heroic versions only in the damage and health of the mobs - and at at that, only incrementally, not dramatically. There are no additional mechanics, and there are no mechanics that are dramatically more deadly than in the non-heroic versions.

!!!But!!! for the level that the group of players that can queue for them, I found the non-heroics runs were significantly harder than the heroics runs are now - if you are going to try to learn to heal, I wouldn't suggest using them.

And I wouldn't suggest using scenarios as a training ground with PUGs either - they are not tuned to require a healer, but do require a significant amount of DPS. A good DPS isn't going to need a healer, and as a healer, you won't be pulling your weight at all if the DPS are even average, and you won't be learning anything about healing if they are average or better either.

The reality is that the time to learn if you are playing with PUGs is during the leveling process, not at end-game. Otherwise, do it with friends/guildmates, as suggested by others.

I think no matter how you do it, trying to learn how to heal for the first time at level 90 is going to be tricky. PuGs will expect you to know what you're doing. And you can't queue up for LFD in the 'normal' dungeons as level 90.

I would definitely recommend that you try doing it with a group of friends/guildmates at first. They'll hopefully be more forgiving of mistake than a PuG group would, and hopefully you won't get a PuG tank who runs off without letting you get mana or resurrect people and decides to pull half the instance at once and then blame you for not keeping him alive.
For practice just getting used to general healing, such as developing the muscle memory for your spells, working with raid/party frames, etc., another option is to hop into some random BGs. Especially a big one like AV or... that other one that's just like AV. You'll blend into the crowd a lot more, and there's generally less pressure on a single person (you). In those two in particular, alliance tends to just zerg their way to the horde boss NPC, and then it turns into a PvE encounter anyway.

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