Gold clinking sound gone?

Bug Report
I noticed this late yesterday while vendoring some items. I would vendor the item, but the little "clink" sound that accompanies gold being added to your balance is no longer there. I thought nothing of it, figured it was a rebellious addon or something.

Today, however, it was really bothering me for some reason. I don't know why, it's such a small thing, right?

Well, I turned off all of my addons, and... still nothing. No clinking sound when vendoring items.

This... really bothers me for some reason. It feels like my hamster just died or something...

Edit: I forgot to relog after turning my addons off. I hear the sound, now to begin the task of finding out what happened to it in the first place.

Edit2: I turned my addons back on and the sound is still there. Dunno what caused it to disappear. Please disregard this post.

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