Nerf Cyclone, Buff Disc (and Holy).

Cyclone is an incredibly strong CC ability as it is not dispellable, has a medium duration, does not break on damage (since immune), can be setup easily with instant CC from the druid, can be made instant once per minute with NS (or even more often as feral), and can be used to counter enemy defensive cooldowns in addition to offensives if used correctly (especially deadly with instant use).

It can also be used to elongate the time that an enemy healer cannot heal someone by cloning the kill target at low hp until your team can get CC back up on the enemy healer.

I think everyone knows that it is a very stong ability for ferals and resto druids, perhaps too strong.

The change I propose is that Mass Dispel additionally dispels cyclone (as well as Bind Elemental and Banish, why not?) exclusively for discipline and holy priests.
Mass Dispel for shadowpriests as well the symbiosis'd Mass Dispell would remain unchanged.

What do you think about this change? Also, do you think moonkins should get a buff to cyclone specifically for their spec to compensate? Possibly a 5 yard range increase. (Moonkins do not seem very stong in pvp atm so I don't think having them be affected by this would be appropriate)

Minor change but I think it would be welcomed :D
I highly doubt this will change anything. Disc priest already OOM after 3 flash heal, nobody will waste so much mana to dispell a no cooldown CC. Specialy since after the cyclone, mighty bash + more cyclone is coming

If your original intention was to buff disc, forget about it. They took too much away from disc they'll never be as good as other healers without an expansion worth of changes. Other healers have more mobility, support, heal, instan cast, damage, defence, CC avoidance and utility. They're also not balanced around keeping 2-3 buffs up 100% of the time including stupid crap like attonement

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