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Where's the RP hub now that MoP has dropped. I need something to do between queues.
The most often used RP hub is still SMC, though guilds today are rather spread out. You can find some in the shrine, the valley of honor in org, SMC, and Thunder Bluff mostly.
((Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City, and Shrine of Two Moons come up off the top of my head))
How active is the Rp in SMC?
It's pretty active. It tends to be the fallback hub for people when nothing else is going on. For example, a lot of guilds are stationed outside SMC because of the current lore, but during slow periods people tend to gravitate back.
Nice! I need to check it out soon. I honestly thought Rp was dead Horde side
That's because you're in wsb...
12/12/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Fafenn
That's because you're in wsb...

Pointless response is pointless
That would be because I work everyday and rarley have time to log as it is now. Plus when I came back Horde I forgot all of the Rp hotspots here

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