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Welcome to Earthen Ring!

We are one of the older RP realms, going live back in November 2004. Earthen Ring sports a mix of Role-Playing, Raiding and PvP - so, if you like a little Raiding/PvP when not RPing, you can find it here. While we do have many Non-RPers on Earthen Ring, we generally do try to get along with each other. Some actually try their hand a RP, which is very cool. There's good people here on Earthen Ring, whether they RP or not. :)

See below for some useful stuff!

Updated: 06/07/16
Earthen Ring Information - Updated June 7, 2016

Time Zone:
Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Realm Type:
RP - Roleplaying (Player vs. Environment)

Cross Realm Zones:
We share CRZs with the following on the Chicago Datacenter: Argent Dawn, Earthen Ring, Kirin Tor, Sentinels, Steamwheedle Cartel, The Scryers

Realm Age:
Earthen Ring has been live since November, 2004 - Yeah, we're old. :)

Stats via Warcraft Realms (06/07/16):
A to H Ratio: 1 : 1.1
Activity Ratio: 1 : 1.1
Note: Information is approximate and from the past 30 days of update.

Role-Playing Information

RP In-game OOC Chat Channels (for communication and coordination):
Note: We try to make both channels be as friendly and civil as possible. Chatter/activity will vary.
Alliance: /join ForTheAlliance
Horde: /join ForTheHorde

Roleplaying "Peak Times": Weekday peak times are 8 - 11 p.m. EST, but that is variable based on player gamestyle and schedule. Weekend peak times add additional activity in the early afternoon and evenings.

Role-Playing Addons: For most roleplayers, it is suggested to look into using MyRolePlay (MRP). It’s used as a RP “flagging” addon: It lets you make a roleplaying “profile” about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible “MSP” RP AddOns) can see in the tooltip and a more detailed window. While it’s not a required addon for roleplaying, it can be a help. It’s simple to set up and use, which is great for both new and veteran RPers.

Note: Will be updating this soon.

RP Community Website: Earthen Ring Roleplay Community (ERRC):

RP Activity Overview: Roleplaying activity varies from month-to-month, based on player activity, holidays, seasons, etc. Both Alliance and Horde have a mix of weekly and monthly RP events, ongoing storylines, and spontaneous pick-up roleplay. In general, RP begins with you. If you don’t see it, make it. :)

Alliance RP: Roleplay takes places in a variety of locations for Alliance, which has a tendency to occupy places as hubs or roleplay in-the-field.

Horde RP: As a whole, roleplaying Horde-side is event and character-driven in the “wild.” While there are no specific “hubs,” it doesn’t mean someone can’t create one.

Starting Steps
One way of getting to know your realm is check out its community. However, do take time with this. Some people expect 24/7 Hot and Cold running RP on a realm. Realistically, Earthen Ring is not one of those realms. But, we do have roleplay, so just because you do not see it in 15 minutes, do not write Earthen Ring off too early. Sometimes it does take time to find RP, much like any other RP realm.

In no particular order, here's some tips to help!:

Making a character: Check out areas in character/or just visiting can be a good way to see what’s going on on Earthen Ring. Check out one of the events in game and meet some folks!

Using the chat channels: Check out the Alliance and Horde OOC RP Chat Channels in game: ForTheAlliance and ForTheHorde. Channel activity will vary as some folks may not check their chat tabs as often as you would. But it is possible to get a good feel of the Horde and Alliance folks that RP, and tap into goings-on.

Earthen Ring Roleplay Community (ERRC):
As of this update, things are pretty new, so give it time to grow. There are plenty and places to post journals, visit the forums and other features.
Raiding Progress (via
Realm Population (via

Helpful RP Addons
MyRolePlay via WoW Interface:
MyRolePlay via Curse:
Gryphonheart Items via Curse:
Gryphonheart Items via WoW Interface:

Helpful RP Sites
RP Community Website: Earthen Ring Roleplay Community (ERRC):
RP Made Simple:
WoW forum edition!:
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