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Hello All!

I was just wondering if RP is alive and well on our server? I've been on forthealliance channel and no one ever talks there, been to several taverns in SW and no one is ever there. Are there certain days or times that RP is more active?
@ Mystty, The best place to find out about RP on Er is at our community site:

There are event listings and a chat function to meet other active RPers. We've started shifting away form just hanging around Stormwind and using the world. This month we'll be doing a bunch of things in Exodar / Azuremyst / Bloodmyst.

If this has been a help, please send a sticky request :)
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Sticky! >.<"

Horde RP ftw
Thank you for taking the effort to put this together! Though you've been thanked before... I'm a terrible person and don't visit here often enough. MY BAD.
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