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I have a question/request of sorts. Is there an add-on out there that I can get to show me what battle pets are available when traveling in Azeroth. For example: Flying in Deepholm, what battle pets are available in that zone? Or Dead Wastes? If there isnt an add-on that can show me, can it be worked into a drop down selection into the pet journal? The way I am doing it now is using and the pet journal and hearsay from others. I would like it to be easy for me to click the zone I'm in and have something show me what battle pets are available in that zone. Can anyone help with this please?

It adds a bunch of extra filters, including an option to filter by what pets are in the zone you're currently in. You can also filter it to only show the specific zone you want. So pretty much exactly what you want.
You can also try Pet Tracker. It's got quite a lot of nice features, including the ones you're after.
You can also search the journal for the name of the zone, whether you're in it or not.

I do suggest PetJournalEnhanced, though. So many sorting options! Want to see all the non-rares you've got that can be caught in Ashenvale, but you're in Uldum? Zone filter -> uncheck all -> Kalimdor A-Z -> check Ashenvale. Rarity -> uncheck rare. Bam!

it will show all the pets in the zone you're in - or any zone you type in - and highlight the ones you've caught or haven't caught.

note though that it looks against your journal and how it's filtered. So if you're journal only shows Elemental pets, and you're in Mount Hyjal, it will tell you there are no wild pets. Likewise, if you're filtered on non-collected pets, it will only show the pets in the zone which you have not caught.
I would go with Pettracker myself. You can open up your map, zoom out so that you see the continent individually. Then just click on each zone, Hillsbrad Foothills, Elwynn Forest, etc... and the PetTracker list in the Objectives area will show you what pets are available there and which ones you already have.

Note though about it. There are only a few pets that do not show up in the list that are capturable. I think the reason it's not listed is because it's usually a 2nd companion or so to the main... Anyways, not sure if it was changed but... Just giving ya a heads up..
Thank you all so much! I will give those a try!

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