Battlestones since maintenance? 12/11

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Has anyone received Battlestones in their pet bags since maintenance (12/11)? I just want to confirm I've had bad luck and not that there is a bug. :) Thanks.
I got one yesterday (undead stone) from a pet supplies bag. And that's after a long string of bad luck.
I've opened at least 30 bags without luck since 5.1.
I got two yesterday.
Haven't seen any since last week. The last one I got was from a pet battle in Blasted Lands on lvl15's fighting a group with firebugs. Since then nadda.
This type of post has appeared after every hotfix. RNG is RNG.
I was worried about this myself until yesterday. I had gone 2 straight days without getting a stone.

I did all the pet dailies that offer bags yesterday (as I always do) and got 2 stones.

I've had days where I get none and some days I get as many as 3. I usually average at least one stone and/or a Pandaren Spirit Pet per day.
Got another one today (magic).

12/13/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Goulachia
This type of post has appeared after every hotfix. RNG is RNG.

I hear Onyxia deep breathes more too.
I had bad luck of 12/11 and received 0 battle stones =[ I got one on 12/12 (my first Humanoid one). I've had better luck, but I was pretty happy to get a stone I've never gotten yet.
I got 2 earlier today but both were from pet battles.
before 12/11 I was seeing 1-3 stones per day from daily bags.

since 12/11 I have seen 0 stones.
I got three from bags on the day of the patch (12/11), none since.
It's just RNG. Even before maint/hotfixes I would go one day getting like 3 and then 2 days getting 0.
I was getting 2-3 a day before Maint., and i got two on Wed. a Dragon and Undead. However talking with the other pet trainers i know on my server Stones drops in bags and on mobs have dropped to a hugh degree. Plus no on has goten any pets out of bags on my server either
I farmed Crystalsong long enough yesterday to level my common breed 5 mountain cottontail from level 4 to level 23, no stone.

Today I will prepare a sacrifice to the mighty RNG gods and farm some more.
The first week of 5.1 my luck with pet bags was glorious. I was getting two, three, even four stones a day. Then it dropped down to zero to one a day, and suspiciously enough, that happened right after a server restart. From everyone's reports, it certainly does seem to just be the RNG, but I really wish I'd been in Vegas for that streak instead of just playing WoW.

From wild pet battles I've noticed no change at all since 5.1. The drop rate is terrible, somewhere less than 1%.
I have been very lucky with getting stones in bags including two yesterday (one dragon; one elemental). So far despite very many wild pet battles, I've only found one using that method since they were introduced. RNG can make you want to kick puppies though.
Ya but mainly flawless critter stones :|
I got one today and upgraded my Emerald Proto-Whelp.
After getting Nuts up to level 13 I finally got my critter stone.

Seems to be about 1% from wild pets.

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