is a cx430 430 watt psu good enough for this

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this is a very tightly budgeted gaming build.

amd phenom ii x4 3.4ghz 125w CPU

sapphire hd 7750 graphics card (uses very little power)

btw another question will i notice a difference with 8gd dual channeled compared to 4gb dual channeled DDR3 113 ram? on windows 7 64bit? if not im going with the 4gb kit, because like i said, limited budget, thank you :)
This psw works great.

DDR3-1333 you mean?

There won't really be much difference unless you run tons of programs at once.

However, cost difference between those two RAM is like... $12?
everyone kept telling me i needed a 600w psu, now that i lowered my wattage and cost, i can get the 8gb :) thank you so much!
i was excited to be able to upgrade from my 128mb card, windows xp, 1.5gb of ram, single core 2.2 ghz processor. lol

cool thing is though, somehow its sata, so i can re use the DVD drive, and HDD, and surprisingly the HDD isnt bad.
Not sure why people tell you that, but CX430 is a 80 Plus certified power supply. With only Phenom II with HD 7750, a CX430 is more than enough for this.
im not sure either. lol

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