Persistent internet connection problems

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Each day when I come home and boot up my computer, I go through the same process.

My wireless network adapter does not automatically connect to the router. My wireless network is detected, but won't connect. Troubleshooting says it's a network settings error (?).

I have to reset the router, restart my computer, reset the router again, restart the computer, wait a while, etc... Very tedious. Sometimes if I just let the computer sit for a while it will fix itself.

It always comes up within say, 20 minutes or so.. but might anyone here have a clue about why this is happening? I'm not sure about how to fiddle with network settings.

I could use the advice of someone who may have gone through this before.

Thanks in advance
Well, it would help to identify your equipment, we might be able to tell if the models you have are touchier than others.

My advice: Update the firmware on your router, if possible, try DD-WRT or OpenWRT, or TomatoUSB.

Update your wireless drivers.

If you were to enable verbose mode, or check the logs, you might find some answers, but your solutions might be to do this anyway.

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