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Earthen Ring
Alliance Protectorate is a Heavy RP guild on Alliance side of Earthen Ring and invites new and old roleplayers to join our ever growing community.

The Protectorate was formerly known as The Conjurers Court which has been around since 2009. In mid September of this year; the Conjurers Court and the Stormwind Guard merged into the present guild of the Alliance Protectorate. The Alliance Protectorate is considered to be a Guard guild but not all members are members of the Stormwind Guard. With this merge currently Kelsus Hadson serves as Grandmaster of the Protectorate and Flixle Sparkspindle serving as Captain of the Guard and Second in Command of the Protectorate.

RP Theme:

The Alliance Protectorate is the First and Last line of defense of the Alliance.

The Protectorate is a Multi-role organization of the Alliance that serves as a unique combat force of the Alliance ranging from heroes, adventurers, and soldiers in a single organization that promotes Honor and Duty in the Alliance.

The Protectorate also hosts the Stormwind Guard Division which acts as the City Guard over the realm of Stormwind and her territories but has recently taken a more active role in the changing times of Azeroth.

The Guild:

We view ourselves as a casual bunch of misfits who are friendly and welcoming and especially enjoying the game. This means that we do occasionally do raids ranging from current to past and enjoy doing BG's and any sort of PVP. Now to note, we are a RP guild first and foremost so all members are required to be at least roleplayers.

We are also currently attempting to rebuild a raiding team for the guild as well.


Basic information on roleplaying, knowing what IC and OOC is really the major requirements, we encourage new roleplayers to join the guild and really just want like minded people who enjoy the game in our community.

In order to join the Alliance Protectorate, please contact myself, Flixle, or any member of the Alliance Protectorate and we'll happily do an interview with you for entry into the guild.

Misc Notes:

The Protectorate currently manages the Pig and Whistle tavern as an Panderan restaurant and occasional hotspot for roleplay.

The guild also hosts numerous RP events that ranges from large masquerade balls to Secret Father winter's gift exchanges, most events will be posted on the Earthen Ring Network.
/bump for a fellow RP guild.
You know with all the thieves, drunks, and well overall bad people I know Caz sleeps soundly at night knowing the <Alliance Protectorate > is around keeping the city safe, and magic in check!

Yes, join now, we have cookies!
/bump for roleplay.
/bump. Rumor has it the Alliance Protectorate is hosting a weekly Story Night event and there's a grand ball tomorrow night (Tuesday).

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