Ready to raid?

Hey guys I've been doing LFR and pugging the first two bosses of MSV. My hps has been around 40-45k hps on fights. How does that pair up to most 25man healers? I only have an ilvl of 364 and I haven't done many enchants and reforging yet.


Also ignore the WW glyphs I have on one of my MW specs :P. Forgot to switch them over!
Reforge and enchant and your good to go.... You only need 463 to raid msv but your mana will be tight
Look pretty solid. I'd gun for a second trinket if you're not running with a group you know that may fuss at you over it.
You're definitely fine to start raids. Look at it this way: When the expansion first started, people downed the content in heroic blues. I think I had a 461 ilvl when we first killed WotE.

I understand that expectations are higher now, but you should be fine. As already mentioned, try to grab a second trinket (Shieldwall faction has one, Scholomance has one, Stormstout has one, and Niuzao has one) and you're pretty good!

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