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Hello. Thank you in advance if you read my entire post.
I quit WoW in May. Not because I did not like the game. I love the game! Been playing since 2008. The game is great. I left because I was going to China (still here). I will go back to America in three weeks, and can play again. However, my guild leader jumped ship. The guild is dying. Still has some of its old members. I'm just sad to see it go. Maybe I'm over reacting because this is just a game. But I really wish my guild was active as it was in Catacylsm. I would not say it was because of poor leadership. Our guild is full of adults. We don't take anyone under the age of 20. I like to believe that we're all mature. Our guild master was great. He helped me a lot. He put in so much effort I don't know why he would just up and leave. They removed me from the guild for inactivity for 8 months. They knew I was coming back though so it makes me sad.
Now remains a few questions:
1. Should I look for another guild that is active on my realm that fits my interests? I can always join another guild, and wait for the guild master of my current guild to come back.

2. Ask for a reinvite because I was removed for inactivity? They knew I was coming back though so it had me thinking they don't want me back.

I'm just so confused on what I should do. Any suggestions? Please give me advice.
This is pure speculation, but you were probably removed for being inactive and they were cleaning the roster. My guild has ties to folks on a lot of other servers (even other guilds) so we have a lot of alts for visiting folks on the roster. Periodically the GM cleans it out and anyone who wants back in just has to contact us when they log on. Some folks leave the game while others take breaks, but we prefer a cleaned up roster. I wouldn't take it as a personal slight.

If you can contact folks in your old guild, see if you can rekindle things. If not, you'll have to find another guild.
12/12/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Aranelle
They knew I was coming back though so it makes me sad.

I wouldn't obsess on it. "They" may be members who are no longer in the guild.
I'm not sure I'd remember what a guildee said to me about their plans 8 months ago.
Or "they" might be someone who was trying to fill in in a pinch because the guild leader has moved on, and may literally have simply been looking at dates while trying to work through something they are not familiar with and not at the name of the player they were bumping out.

I wouldn't stress it, I'd simply reconnect and see what the deal is.

He put in so much effort I don't know why he would just up and leave.

What happens sometimes is that the people who do this make so much stress for themselves that they can't enjoy the game any more. Often times they leave abruptly, because they feel so responsible for everything that they can't just "tone it down", and they are agonizing over how to deal with it, that's the only way they can see a way out of it. Or it could be as simple as a private real life crisis. I would try not to take that personally if you can as well.


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