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So Im recruiting a friend so we can get 300% bonus exp, I was wondering if I could get some advice on which class to roll.

Which class do you guys prefer out of experience? I would prefer a healing class as I have always played DPS, tanking is not my thing.

or Pally?

And another thing, how long will it take to lvl from 1-80? with this 300% bonus?

Thanks for all your help.
Don't know how long it'd take to level that far, but I'd say try the priest and shaman first, since they don't have tanking abilities, try druid to see if you like the forms, and probably avoid paladin since it could end up feeling more tanky than the others. May also depend on what your friend chooses -- you might not mind playing a pair of the same class, might prefer different specs, or you might decide you don't want to deal with sharing so much gear (although it can be less of a concern with druids and shaman, if using different specs).
From experience, I've tried shaman, priest and druid - they are okay. Perhaps rolling a holy paladin.

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