how do I get better ping?

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I heard there is a way to get a better ping through a third party funnel system or something? is this against regulations? what is it? can you help me? question mark? much?

There are various tunnel systems that you can use.

"Reducethelag", "wowtunnels", there are lots, they are just the two I know of off the top of my head. However, recommending any of them could be against the EULA, so I am not recommending one.

It is not against regulations to use a tunnel to connect to WoW that I know of.

Not going to bother with the theory behind tunnelling, but basically the idea is that theoretically you get a better (reduced) lag time if you connect to WoW using a tunnel.

Reduced lag time means you do more damage, more healing, generate more threat, herb/skin/etc faster.

(as an example, if your lag time is normally 800ms, and a tunnel reduces your lag to 200ms, then you will (in theory) gain 600ms each time you interact with the game (i.e. cast a spell, skin a mob, etc), meaning you will gain roughly half a second each interaction).

There is a lot more to it, and the purists would probably hang, draw and quarter me for the above. However, that will give you a general idea.

Something to keep in mind, you may not experience ANY reduction in your lag if you use a tunnel. It does depend on a lot of factors, including your ISP, your connection type, the quality of your connection to the internet as a whole, etc, etc, etc.

Good luck

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