So long friends

See ya, fellow forum maggots :) It's been a fun 6 years.

Peace, out.
gimmie your stuff
egwyn hav king badges respect

nevr stop pwnin~
You'll be back.

(Mia btw)
Laters Eggy.

What Soulyouth said tho, can I have ur stuff?
Aww, but I only got to hear your smexy voice once on vent.

Bye friend. <3
12/13/2012 06:32 AMPosted by Catastrophe
smexy voice

One could not have asked for a sexier voice to tank next to <3
dat frostbomb nerf yo
cya eggers will miss ya buddy

laters <3
byeeeee Eggy!! <3
The only frost mage I respected.

Farewell sweet prince.
seeya x
a gentleman and one of the best Mages Barth has even seen. cya Egwyn.
See ya, Eggy. :)
You'll probably be back soon enough though, rarely seen anyone quit and never return.

The only frost mage I respected.

Farewell sweet prince.

That's a bit harsh m8, with quality players like Rorke and Niceandeep floating around.
bye la
Lol Lol no :(

the only decent mage i ever had fun with :(
but i guess when you have a negative ratio as mage/shad/heals... probably time to quit rofieexdee

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