Not getting authenticator email.

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Trying to set up an authenticator through my cell phone, for 2 days now, and I am getting the email to my account in order to proceed. It is the registered email to my account and
also I get other emails from blizzard, like when i changed my password earlier that day. Can someone help me here. I must have hit resent 15 times and nothing
Just curious what is the provider for the email?
12/11/2012 05:33 PMPosted by Phatku

A blue cannot help your authenticator verification email come through any quicker. It is most likely your email provider slowing it up. Did you check in your spam folder? Make sure you add and to your safe list.
It is a hotmail account and I get every other email from Blizzard, like just before I tried to get my authenticator I changed my password and got the email right away.
Like many companies, Blizzard's emails do not all originate from a single source. And the methods that they are sent by vary, too. It is not uncommon for some types of emails to go through fine and others not.

However, as Tinkrashi stated, you will want to whitelist Blizzard email addresses specifically to give them a better chance of going through. More information can be found here:
Thank you Musashi that worked :-)

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