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The Drift is currently looking for a Mage/Hunter/Priest DPS and a Priest/Shaman/Monk healer for our 3rd 10m Group. I would also consider a well qualified warrior/monk/DK tank.

-Raid Info-
1 Night a week Saturday's from 5 server till 8.
We supply flasks, food, gems and enchants.
Under-geared? We'll work hard to get you the gear you need to be on par with the current content.
Since we only raid 3 hours a week, it is important that anyone apping have a sense of time. a 5pm raid time means be at the Instance and ready to go!

-A little about us-
We're a transfer from Mal'ganis (*gasp* alliance side!). We're dedicated raiders. We're very understanding that real life will always come before this game. We have been together since December of 2006 and have always cleared content.

-Raid style-
Even though we're semi-casual, we don't play like it. We do take raiding very seriously and expect all members to know their class. We'll always take someone who is skilled, has raid awareness and can think on the move over item level.

-Currently recruiting-
Paladin- HOLY
Monk- MW

*All unlisted classes/specs are welcome to apply
**Priority classes/specs are not going to be recruited just to sit on the bench. If you're a good fit, you'll be given a core spot.

If you think you'd be a good addition and want to give us a try, feel free to contact Myself, Coolbreze, Atolf or anyone online in <The Drift> and one of our raiders would be happy to set up a meeting in game. PM me on real ID kimbro1#1319 if that is your cup of tea.

I look forward to meeting those of you that are interested. Thank you for your time.

Edit: Have had horrible luck with reliable players, would love mature, Skilled and on time people to add to or group!
Still need 2 dps!!!
One DPS and a Healer needed!
Hello Distro! I have just set in motion my move from Mal'Ganis, I am friends with Ash. I understand that you may not need a dps monk but I also carry a full healing set! Hope I may find a home within The Drift and would love to fill in any dps/healing slots on nights where a current member cannot make it! Thank you for any consideration!!
Come join us
also feel free to contact me in game
Still Need
1 Healer/tank

Contact me in game!!
1 healer/tank
1 DPS,

Contact me in game or add me on real ID Kimbro1#1319
Hey, I'm a 492 resto shammy, I play mostly on the weekends and making the Saturday at 5pm will be no problem. My realid is frostysocks#1719

Edit: I'm also a 505 enhancement, so DPS would be easy to.
Will be contacting in game. If I cannot reach you and you are interested in me, feel free to throw me any type of message.

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