[A] Nocturnål Recruitment (Late night, 10m)

About us:
Just like the title says, we're a late night raiding guild for people who don't have the time to raid during the day, but still want to see content in the 10-man format with a close group of dedicated and competent raiders. Our focus is seeing all the content each tier of MoP has to offer, without forcing members to commit to an overly obtrusive raiding schedule. Our officer team has been raiding since BC, with some members even going back to Classic.

We're currently 1/6 in H Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 in Heart of Fear, and 4/4 in Terrace.

What We're Looking For:
A competent DPS to round out our team before we charge into 5.2!

Positions Open:
1 DPS position (Warlock/Death Knight/Warrior preferred)

Raid Times:
Tue/Wed/Thur, 10pm-1am ST (West coast time)
We're also in the process of setting up an alt raid for Saturdays at the same time.


If you're interested, pop on over to our website and submit an application!
bump, wtb holy pally....
bumpity bump, we need a healer. Free sexual favors for all applicants. No STDs plz
we are raiding TONIGHT at 10 so if a holy pally could show up and try out and then join us that would be great thx...

I am a Holy Priest if you are still recruiting, I OS disc.
bump. now looking for a lock....
Bump, still looking for a DPS. Warlock or DK preferred.
bumping again, just one shot 4/6 hof last night....
I'm aware of the want for a warlock or death knight.

I'm inquiring of how an ele shaman would fit, as mine just hit a raiding level.
5/6 hof now...
I can't stress how great your raid times are for me. I'm in the middle of doing server research, as I've been looking to transfer servers and find a new home.
I'd love to talk with an officer over vent, or ingame. I'll head on over to your forum and put in an application, I hope to hear from you soon!
Edit: I'm not having any luck replying to the "Recruitment Thread". Although, I did make a pretty intense personal page. My email is included, can't wait to hear from yall.

well, we are looking for a lock or a dk dps right now...
@Drishnu: We might be able to work with an Elemental shaman, if you'd like to fill out an app on our website we can get you into a trial run this week.

@Barricade: Unfortunately, we already have an spriest in our group and would really prefer to keep our comp as balanced as possible. Plus, I'd hate to ask you to server transfer for something that might not be a sure thing.
@mag: for sure, just thought I'd throw it out there. Your guild is the only team i can find that raids when I could guarantee 100% attendance.
If anything changes, please keep me in mind, I'm taking my time looking for my new home, I don't wan't to hop around, it ain't my style :D
Without being a member of your forums I am unable to post an application.

Link to my shaman's armory (soon to have the crafted gloves/chest)

Link to my priest's armory (shows a bulk of my raiding experience)

Your raids will begin an hour after my priest's raid finishes, giving enough time to eat/prep, and talking on a third party chat program is of no issue.
We are currently in need of a healer, disc priest, resto druid, or mw monk would be preferred.
1/6 H MV, 6/6 HoF, 1/4 Terrace. Prog @ Terrace atm.

wtb resto druid...

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