[A] Nocturnål Recruitment (Late night, 10m)

Bump for 2/4 terrace and a sexy Resto Druid.
bump. NEED a resto druid this week. going to clear toes. plz plz plz give us trees...
free punch and pie to all those who apply
omg plz resto druid. plz plz plz before 5.2...
bump. if the enjin site isnt working just send a mail ingame to me or anybody else from the guild...
15/16 now. just need a full roster to stay consistent...
bump for resto druid!
bump for dps! Dk, war, lock preferred.
bump, found druid, need dps now. dks, locks, wars, get at us yo!
I applied to your guild and I am interested in your dk spot. Your times work good for me!
16/16 now! woop woop!
lock or dk would be dope yo....
aphe is our vent DJ and he plays stuff like this all the time!

Would yall be interested in a good resto shaman? was parsed on about every fight in 4.3, guild died, been wasting away on a dying realm, want to get back into the fray. I could be ready to raid by next week.
I also have a 490 mage and a 485 shadow priest I could bring over. Ive been looking for a new home for a month, I could make your times consistently week to week.

Wolfjerky - US'Eldre'Thalas
Barrìcade - US'Eldre'Thalas
Hello I just wondering if you guys still looking for healer O_o I am Druid ... and looking for core raid group (server xfer not a issue)
@ Shamanaid: We have actually filled our heal slot already (I was late in updating the original advert), but we are now down a DPS and your mage would fit in quite nicely. We are in the process of considering another applicant right now, but his joining isn't a sure thing. If you're interested in raiding with us, I would highly encourage you to shoot us an application on our website and we will let you know by tomorrow night's raid if we have room for you. Your experience and situation sound like you would fit in well with us, so I really hope you'll fill out an application.

@ Jyxmz: Unfortunately we just recruited a resto druid this last week, and he has turned out to be a good fit. I'm afraid we don't currently have room in our lineup for another druid, but thanks for your interest in the guild.
Will fill out app tonight when i get off of work. I was parsed as high as 14th world in cata on Yorsaj, really look forward to the opportunity, i couldn't imagine a better situation.
Went to your website and it auto submitted an app it seems. I have previously submitted an app with yall, but yall were full. Don't know if that's why it auto submitted, I look forward to hearing from you.


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