[H] Preemptive Revenge LFM

Preemptive Revenge is a casual guild with a progression minded raid environment. We run 2 10 man raid teams with different requirements and separate raid days. We are currently open to all talented players.

At least 18 years of age
A working mic and teamspeak 3
Can handle constructive criticism
Does not stand in bad
Properly geared and enchanted
Can keep talking to a minimum during encounters
Shows up to raid 5 min prior to start and is ready for pull on time

If you are interested contact Karayan, Samirà, Baín, or Ashtöngue
We're still searching for one more competent DPS. We have several great returning players in our raid roster who have a lot of previous heroic mode experience searching for a raid group - add me in game at Bain#1386 to discuss a position. If you need gear we can gear you, we're looking for players who don't stand in the fires and know more about their class than "i press tha buttanz".

One of our 5 mans just finished The Undaunted for bronze challenge modes, come help us finish off the remaining silver. ;p
To the top.

We are always looking for great players who maybe had a late start or are just looking for a new place to raid. Hit one of us up in game if you think you might be interested.
Still looking for a potential healer.
LF a group to raid with during the week

Restoration/Elemental Shaman
Hey Shaamwow, feel free to add me in game to chat or hit up one of the other names listed in the original post. You can add my battle tag at Bain#1386.

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