Roll a second priest?

Hi all,

Been healing on my priest main forever, but I want to get into ranged dps. Now the thing is, I could go offspec but the spec would only get my scraps, I want a dedicated dps toon that I can give some lovin' to and blow stuff up real good.

Has anyone ever rolled a second priest for this reason? If so did you regret it? I feel kind of weird thinking about leveling 2 of a class.
I understand what you're saying, but why wouldn't your 2nd priest get scraps as you say too? It takes just as much time to switch toons as it does to switch specs/gear.

That's what dual spec & the equipment manager was designed for I think. On this priest I'm currently gearing up for pvp, but I also am starting to do some dungeons. When I want to do that, all I have to do is visit my bank and change my gear set with one click. Same if I want to heal vs dps, change gear set plus switch spec.

Having said that, I do have another priest (lvl 62), but not for a different spec, but because I wanted to level a toon to max level on a pvp server and as horde. So different reasons.. (plus i saw a really good shadow priest undead in a video (1v1) and thought they looked cool, lol)

It doesn't feel weird. In fact, I've done this with a couple classes for various reasons (I have a 90 alliance druid and a 62 horde druid as well).. but it's actually kind of interesting and fun bringing up a second after you've become an expert with the class. It's easier to build him/her.. you aren't learning how to develop your rotations etc from scratch. It feels natural.. and your better at it second time through.

Plus you get to experience the other races.. which to me is fun!

So ultimately, maybe you choose a second priest, but play a different race or side. my two cents. ;)

good luck!
if you want to play ranged dps, and are interested in playing a spriest, just roll a warlock. very similar playstyle, but they're just better. plus you'll never get guiltripped/strongarmed into healing on your altlock.
Roll a second priest because you love priests, not for for an OS. I know what you mean by scraps; I felt like when I raided as a dual spec I didn't know what to prioritize. I agree it's probably just easier to play with a second character... but do you really want to gear up 2? Clear LFR twice a week, possibly even real raids twice a week?

I have 3 druids at 85 and 1 at 90 for a reason! This is just my second priest. I'll probably level an undead next. I like leveling alts! I don't plan to gear them all for end game though.
For me I've taken it a step farther, Im finishing a 2nd spriest on Alliance side, just cause I wanted to try out the opposite faction on my server, furthermore leveling a 3rd spriest on a pvp server cause I wanted to try out a pvp server (all 3 are the same spec, pvp main spec, pve OS). Honestly I dont find it strange, I truly enjoy playing shadow and ONLY shadow, I have several other 85s but I play shadow because I truly love the spec, and playstyle.

I can understand what you mean by feeling like your gimping it by having to change gear, reforge, regem, re-enchant etc. While it may be easy to play two specs with two gear sets, I fully understand wanting to play to your classes maximum potential and that just will not happen when you have 2 gear sets for essentially 3 specs. THE ONLY way that could work is if you re-gemmed,re-enchanted, re-forged, and re-specced and that can be extremely cost inefficient, I fully agree having another priest with its own gear and etc brings a certain piece of mind. HOWEVER, I advise you to only do this because you REALLY want to play the other spec, and give it the time and dedication it deserves, because many get discouraged that one spec they play does not go as well as their primary and end up abandoning it for their primary.

Unfortunately it is very time consuming for me personally I had to stop on my 2nd and 3rd till I get more time, RL is very time consuming for me especially right now, I barely have time for my 1st priest. If you have the time to dedicate to it, then go ahead and do it.

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