Does it get better at 90 ?

I know I'm only lvl 88, but I seem to have a terrible time surviving as healer getting singled out by other players in BGs. Even those who are couple levels below me seem to have no problem tearing a new hole in my rear. I'm just curious if this is how it's going to be at lvl 90.
Maybe its your name, brings up bad memories for some?
yea, i thought about that.. It is kinda peculiar that they seem to focus fire on me.
Try playing in a BG where there's a flag (and don't try to be an FC) or Temple of Kotmogu where at least some of the op-for will be focusing a different target.
I PVP as Decipline, I find it pretty Powerful right now. I am like a God Among Mortals lol

But a good Group will try to focus on the healer. Since more time the healer trying to keep themselves alive the less time they are healing the group.

Also if you are playing with a good group they will notice that you are being targetted and will try to kill them before they kill you.
it was getting better with the rapture buff but they just nerfed pvp healing by 15% once again so yeh disc priest kinda suck right now holy paly and resto shaman much better

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