The Purge of Dalaran (Horde)

Moon Guard
Here is the Horde side version of the event:
get dunked hordies.
That was pretty bad !@#.

Wheres the next part of the quest chain, in Kun'Lai?
I want the last part to be spoiled already
BWAHAHAHA. This is just a taste of what the future brings.
I bet people will remember Lor'themar now. The Elf who single handedly flipped an entire bench! He would make a fine Warchief.
That was pretty bad !@#.

Wheres the next part of the quest chain, in Kun'Lai?

I think the next part happens in either the Vale or Kun Lai.
You know, for someone that despises the Horde to the point where I refuse to even play on my Horde 90s, I'm a bit angry that Jaina took this so far.
Lor'themar is gaining all the respect throughout 5.1. Blood Elf Warchief, 6.0.
s'not like blood elves don't deserve it. they chose the wrong side. :3

edit: Not that it wasn't awesome, but WHY did Lor'themar flip a bench.
A broken bench in the middle of the Court of the Sun fountain is now cannon. No one dares remove it.
Being able to flip a bench is an important ability to have as a candidate for Warchief.
Finally, a Horde character I like.

But then again, I always thought Lor'themar was a bad !@# waiting to happen.
Hearing the stuff about the patch before release made me really anxious about playing my ret belfadin. But after seeing Lor'themar flip the bench, I really need to gear her up.
12/12/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Finaj
Here is the Horde side version of the event:

Thank you! I've been hoping for more belf lore for a long time, and especially also more insight into Lor'themar. I like the way this is going.

My only regret is that Jaina's gone nuts (well, unless you're Alliance....) but I would want to blame Thrall for some of that.
I really like the lore that's coming through for the BEs. Part of me does wish we'd know what happens to the Blood Knights though.
ALSO, still nothing for Draenei.

Finally Lor'themar is getting the respect I always wanted him to have. That's now 2 out of 3 elves I can be happy for. Just having him flipping that bench alone made him cool. =)
ALSO, still nothing for Draenei.


Varian calls for Velen at the end of the Shieldwall questline. Baby steps. >_>

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