How well will this laptop handle WoW +others?

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After years of dealing with an old, slow desktop, I've finally decided to upgrade. I eventually decided on a laptop to use for gaming, as well as other things. Since I'm not a computer whiz, I figured I'd ask: How well will this laptop run WoW and other new games?

The specs are:

Processor: 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor( 2.40GHz 6MB)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT650M 2GB
Memory: 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz
Fairly well, the 650M isn't great and wonderful, but it's not dog-slow terrible.

WOW isn't a new game though, so comparing how well other games run, that's a different problem.

If you could get a 660M, or better, that'd improve your results, your CPU is pretty much at the top end.
Although it would be prudent to ask: Just what are you going to need a laptop for? PCs are significantly cheaper, more powerful, and easier to work with. Just had to throw that in there.
Getting a laptop because I need to be able to take it other places.

And as long as it can run WoW, Skyrim, Minecraft, and possibly others on medium (or better) settings, I'm fine with it.
Having some experience with the 660m I would not pay over 1k for a machine with that in it, the 650m is a better over all value and I have seen some computers with the 15.6 inch screen for under 800.

I may pick one myself again or may spring for the 7870m or w/e variant that is.

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