3 Raiders looking for a new home.

Emerald Dream
Good morning ED,

So, long story short, myself and 2 of my good friends have found ourselves without a guild due to a guild merger that we chose not to take part in.

We are taking this opportunity to find a better raid group for ourselves on a US server. We are 3 Aussies that work night shift and as a result can raid during the day every day. Which works out to be around 8pm server time on ED.

We are as follows:
-Holy priest- played since release and have raided on and off since forever. 482
-Prot pally- played since release and raided everything including original nax. 482
-Shadow priest- played casually for years and has raided as of cata. 476 (i think)

I am currently on Jubei'thos so any interest in us can be directed there to my mail box.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you for those who took the time to correct my spelling / grammar/ anything else wrong with the post.

<3 Braye

PS: Horde only.. probably should have mentioned that.
Just logged on to contact you, don't see you online. Contact me ASAP.
im on an alt. rackit. same server
Hi, How do you feel about raiding 7 ST? Contact me in game RealID Idellphany#1971

Good luck on your search for a place to stay. Though sadly the 8pm+ spot is extremely rare to find- I'ld reckon you would have better luck trying to form your own group then actually finding one that exists already.


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