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A very noob question. I just ran Tanaris, got sent to an outpost, completed the quest and got no further quests. There are npc's around with blank exclamation marks over their heads, but no quests come up when I talk to them. So, I headed out to explore and found Un Goro(sp?) crater, but, again, no quests come up. Any help? THX
If you see a gray question mark over the npc heads, that means they have a quest, but you are a level (or 2) too low and need to level up your character and come back for them to be available.
Un'Goro is a 50-55 zone, which you may have noticed from the mobs there, so that's why there weren't any quests available yet, plus the full Tanaris quest chain will eventually send you there anyway.

It looks and sounds like you haven't really skipped any quests, and a grey exclamation point means the NPC will have something in another level or two -- but the ones down at that outpost (the one with goblins right, near the bug pit?) require level 45, so they should be showing for you.

This is the list of Tanaris quests, so you can check which you've done so far, in case there's one you've missed:

And you might check that you've visited Kelsey Steelspark up in Gadgetzan, she has some extra quests that seem to be easy to miss, starting in Gadget, then out on the coast where all the pirates are, then south of that outpost:
THX. I will look for quests compatible with my level.
if you look at your map and zoom out you'll be able to mouse over the area's and see what level zones they are...
Sometimes quest progression is dependant on an item that you loot from an npc. Check your bags for any items with an exclamation point in its icon. Click on it and a quest will come up.

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