Could anyone recommend a PC build for me?

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I am planning on purchasing a brand new PC for the holidays. This is going to be my first time building a PC and I'm fairly excited! I'm also a total noob to this sort of stuff and could definitely use help.

I need EVERYTHING (including monitor and keyboard). I would be grateful if one of you guys could help me put together a nice gaming PC.

I'd love something that can run my favorite games (WoW, Skyrim, random other Steam games) with no problem. My budget would probably max at $700 and it might hurt to go any higher.

Give this thread a good read:

Monitor: ASUS LED-backlit is a good safe bet
Keyboard: Unless you can spare nearly $100 for a mechanical keyboard, get whatever

Does this look any good?
GTX 560 is severely overpriced; you can buy a Radeon HD 7850 at that price point, which is much better.

For few bucks more, you could buy a 1TB drive.

How about now?
That will work, but you should be able to find a cheaper HD 7850s -- their average price is about $20~$30 less than that.

This look like a good one?
Yes that is a good card

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