Devouring Plague in World of Logs

I'm a little confused trying to interpret the logs of our new spriest recruit, specfically the entries for Devouring Plague.

The first entry, and the one that does the majority of the damage, contains 12 "hits" (10 normal and 2 crits) and 88 ticks. It's supposed to tick every second for six seconds, so 12*6 would be 72 ticks. Where do the extra 16 ticks come from? I don't think he has enough haste to get an extra tick, although I could be wrong.

The part that really perplexes me though is the second entry for DP, which has 30 hits (27 normal and 3 crits) but 0 ticks.

The multiple entries for SWP and VT make sense to me, one entry for the initial damage on application and another entry for the DoT portion. But the DP entries are unclear to me.
Actually the second entries are the hits from our mastery. Our mastery grants us a % chance for a tick of our DoTs to hit twice. The second 'tick' is logged as a second spell by the same name. So basically what this log says to me is that this spriest got 30 procs off his mastery for the 88 ticks of DP he had down.

The best metrics for a spriest, imo, are
1) DoT uptime (81% and 82% for SW:P and VT, respectively) and
2) how many MBs he got off (34) - and by extension how many DPs he got off (12).

DoT uptime is crucial - the more SW:P ticks we have, the more chances we have for an instant MB cast. the more VT ticks we have, the more chances for FDCL to proc an instant MS (which leads to a faster MB cast).

For a fight like Feng, there's no reason that for a 6:45 duration fight that he only had DoTs rolling for 5:32 of the encounter. That's a full minute with no DoTs rolling. Suggest to him that he use a dot timer like ForteXorcist.

For a visual, check out and click the # next to VT and SW:P. It will let you (and him, since I hope the goal is ultimately to make him a better priest) see where dots fell off. Maybe there was some situation going on at those periods that prevented him from refreshing his dots.

Hope that helped!

Edit: Clarification
Mastery makes sense. Although shouldn't they all be about the same then?

He had

30/88 extra ticks on DP (34.1% proc rate)
44/159 extra ticks on SWP (27.7%) and only
30/137 extra ticks on VT( 21.9%).

I guess it is just one fight so it could just be small sample size. Or maybe the mastery buff from windsong proccing during DP up time.

Yar yar I am aware he has some room to grow and monitoring dot uptimes is one of those.
12/11/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Sellys
small sample size
They should be, but like you said, with the small sample sizes it just didn't work out that way. random is random =)

I did notice on your logs that your entire raid DPS dropped during one of those long dot lapses. Were you guys waiting to push P3? If so, that would account for a large chunk of that time period where dots had fallen off.

Sorry, I love analyzing logs. Such a fun tool to use. =)
Yeah, we were. But we failed at it and pushed him to 33% just after he did the 2nd flame. So phase three was interesting. >.<

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