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Is anyone else having trouble with buffs being removed by banners such as the monk crit buff Legacy of the White Tiger being removed by a 20% crit Skull Banner buff that lasts only a few moments (10seconds i believe) and has a 30 yard range (seriously not even 40 yard if its going to remove a higher level buff) then having to recast it since we dont have Leader of the Pack and the poor design of range based buffs which should not over-ride a casted buff such as Legacy of the White Tiger.

Guys at blizzard, ban the use of the Skull Banner and other related banners in raid groups or fix it so that when the effect wears off the normal/common buffs are still there and don't have to be recast time and again, even more so for LFR espescially since LFR draws alot of inexperienced and lazy players. Still trying to find out why the Dark Intent buff was constantly being removed as well, probably another random banner or something, if anyone has an idea as to why Dark Intent was constantly being removed let me know please.
are you sure its not just a UI bug?

The consolidated buff thing has been bugged to hell and back since MoP release
Is there a hunter using the crit-buff pet? Or mage?
Those both also give crit and would overwrite your buff, and afaik the blizzard buff ui thing is kinda wonky from time to time so it's not really reliable.
Every case I've noticed this in, it's a UI bug. What tends to happen is that the person who is "missing buffs" has it diasppear from their UI, but other players targetting the person can see the buffs on them.

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