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Emerald Dream

A month ago he didn't know what that was. A month ago he did not wish to particiipate because of the rules. A month ago he felt too timid to even participate, or even be in the clan.


Now he could not wait for the next Mak'gora Night. He was anxious. Ready to show what he can do. And, most of all, ready to face off against a certain clansman he did not particularly enjoy.

Dar'garok Icefist was sitting down at a table in the Shrine of Two Moons, his left mechanical leg detatched and on the table. He was inspecting it to be sure it did not lock up or malfunction in some way during the bouts. It get's annoying to maintain, but it beats fighting with one leg.

He thought back for a moment, thinking of when he was a slave. How he lost his leg as a punishment for trying to escape. How he almost died in an avalanche. If it wasn't for his dad, for saving him, making him this leg, and other things, who knows where-

Dar'garok looked up at the clock. 8:25 pm.

"Almost time." he told himself. He picks his leg up off the table, reattaches it to his side, and stood up. "HYDROX! LET'S GO!" A water elemental quickly goes torwards the orc in his response. Dar'garok makes his way up the stairs and torward the portals. Adrenaline was rushing through his entire body, his blood giving chase after it.

Tonight, he thought, you'll be tasting the dirt, Dallet.
Kubal was shivering, trying to stay close to his pet wolf to keep warm. The air was slightly chillier in Conquest Hold than usual. Dar’garok enjoyed the weather. Some others……well….didn’t appreciate it. The fact that the combatants did not have their armor on did not help much either.

Such as Mak’gora goes. Each fighter is allowed only there weapon, or weapons, of choice and their skills. No armor to coat them from their opponent’s blows. As orcish tradition it is usually to the death, the matches here were only until one submitted. There was no need to lose any of Horde members at these times. At first it seems weird, sometimes unappealing. But once one takes to the ring a few times, they usually find it enjoyable. To some, addicting.

This week’s Mak’gora had quite a turnout. Some of his clan was there, as well as others not of his clan. One of them being the mighty Mordrok. Dar’garok would have never have guessed he would make an appearance to one of Stormfist’s events. He also didn’t think Mordrok would challenge someone and charge straight toward them without using a weapon. Dar’garok wondered if he was just that confident, or if he was not thinking before acting.

There were quite a few great bouts. Ones that he had and ones of others. Bronkk and Ali in particular were very entertaining to watch fight. Demitria fought once or twice as well, though Dar’garok did not watch those fights. Something about seeing a female blood elf in no armor fighting just makes him feel uneasy.

Mak’gora night was coming to an end. Dar’garok had quite a few wins under his belt, but before this night was through, Dar’garok must get one more win from a particular clansman. He looks around and spots the one he seeks to fight: an orc death knight, eyes glowing a deep blue, skin white as ice from Icecrown, and axe drenched in a recently killed alliance dog.

The orc mage snarls at the death knight. “DALLET! I CHALLENGE YOU!”

Dallet looks back at Dar’garok, and simply laughs. “Whatever you say, pup.”

The two combatants walked to the center. Dallet’s pale skin and Dar’garok’s bluish green skin seem to glow in the moonlight. His mechanical metal leg seems to give a distinct shine in the moonlight as well.

The mage roars, and without warning, begins casting spells relentlessly at the death knight. Hydrox, who was following Dar’garok, does the same. The death knight charges at the mage, swinging his axe at him, some of them connecting. Dar’garok coats himself in a block of ice to block some of the blows and think of something to beat him, but the block will not last too long. As the ice disappears, the mage puts up clones of him to hopefully confuse him, giving the mage time to send off some of his powerful spells. This did not work as he was strangulated immediately and pulled towards the death knight, continuing his assault. After a while, Dar’garok could not take the attacks, and submits.

“Nice try pup.” Dallet laughs.

Dar’garok could not get his words out, so instead, he simply nods and walks out of the ring. He was angry at himself and Dallet. He has been training for most of the past week, only to lose again.

“SCUM!” the mage roared. Dallet laughs.

Next time, Dar’garok thought, I’ll get you.
It was an honor to have fought against those of your clan, brother. The Stormfist are feared and well respected.

This Mak'gora brought great honor and I look forward to next when my blade can clash against other warriors. As for the Elf, I will show no mercy next time and put him in the ground

((Thanks for having me man, it was a fun event and looking forward to next time))
Nice post LOL
Tonight, he thought, you' be tasting the dirt, Dallet.
Dallet sighed as he watched Dar'garok skulk away from him.

That pup is gonna get hurt one of these times, he thought. Again...

Dallet looked around, saw another Alliance dog trying to cause mischief, and one death-grip later, the Worgen was dead at his feet.

The Tauren Paladin, refered to lovingly by Kubal as Soy Sauce, started talking to Dallet, but he wasn't really listening. He pulled out his largest knife and skinned the wolfman.

"Now I have a new loincloth!"

Dallet smiled and threw back his head with some wicked laughter.

((great fun as always, anyone curious just needs to stop out and have some fun!! ))
Ali and Demi had been riding double on a rental flyer from Dalaran, soaring to the Grizzly Hills. The monk had been drinking heavily all flight long and would on occasion sing, "Mak'gora Mondaysh. Ya gotta love those *hic* daysh"

Though he had only ever been to one, he was definitely excited to see what competition would be there tonight. Orcs made for some of the toughest opponents and he planned on fighting them all.

After a long flight, the pair of elves exchanged pleasantries with everyone and took seats inside the pit.

"Da*hic*um. I forgot my tabard." Ali frowned, having to fight pretty much wearing only his key. Something he had found in the desert of Tanaris and didn't really understand, but it was still heavy enough to knock out an Orc.

He watched a few fights and scouted out the toughest competitors. He wasn't looking to embarass anyone, despite his taunts, but just really wanted to grow stronger by fighting the strongest opponents available.

However, he found it impossible to narrow down. All participants were prideful and strong. He watched as they fought one another, noting their forms and how he might be able to avoid certain tactics they habitually used.

After a few bouts himself, Demi started talking to him.

"I know you're on Fel, Ali."

He had had about enough of her lip. As a matter of fact, he -had- absorbed just a teensy bit of fel magic right before coming here, as a way of priming the pumps. Her calling him out on it was getting on his nerves and so he barked that he had no interest in discussing it further.

As fate would have it, Demi actually challenged him to Mak'gora. At first he had no interest, but a small part of him recognized the opportunity.

"Alright Demi. But when I win, you drop this whole fel non-sense for good."

"Sure pretty boy, but when I win, you tell me everything. Deal?"

Ali nodded. The fight began and the fight ended. He hadn't held back and had Demi lying on the floor in just a few seconds. Some crazy Phoenix Elf rushed to the field, coming to her aid.

Being both glad to have that conversation over and shamed to have beaten her to silence, Ali just said, "It's over then" and walked away.

Of course with Demi, it can never really be over.

I FRAPsed the demi fight and Dallet vs Soy Suace.

Here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q9fgsj644k&feature=g-crec-u
(( Btw, I kind of expected the Demi fight to be more like : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRGlqrAkQmQ ))
12/11/2012 09:50 PMPosted by Alibarem
(( Btw, I kind of expected the Demi fight to be more like : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRGlqrAkQmQ ))

((*sigh* if only...

Also just wanted to say thank you all for coming out. Please do come again next week.
Any of you who are interested in joining us for this event please send me an ingame tell or mail me.

((SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU DX Part of why Demi loses is because of her "no fighting other horde" RP and..... ALI CHEATED! ALI CHEATED! HE CHEATED! HE IS ALI'CHEATERPANTS! XP but that'll all change soon.... -most likely not, but hey a girl can dream cant she?-))

Demi stood up, her head hanging low from Ali beating her. It took a moment for her brain to catch up with what was happening around her. She thought she heard Ali say something about 'It being over with'. And it was, she would keep to her word. That was the only thing she had left in her life, was the fact that people knew that she would always keep her word.

By the time her brain focused back in, there was the Paladin who had been saying she was a 'Princess' or something stupid like that just the day before healing her. Usually she would thank him and smile, but for some reason anger flooded her because of it. "I'M FINE!" She thought she had yelled but wasn't really sure. She knew she pushed away but he and a nice female Orc followed her as she rushed out the pit. Her head was being clouded and she couldn't think straight. She could hardly even remember why she wanted to fight Ali in the first place. She knew it wasn't because of the fel.

She looked at the small crowd forming around her as she sat with her back to a wall. "I'm not crying because he beat me!" She insisted and truly, it wasn't. She couldn't really put her finger on why she was crying, and she wasn't really sure she wanted to.

The small crowd of the female Orc, Sin'Dorei, and a Shu'Halo, all stated words that she forgot right after they finished. All she did remember was watching them walk off from her.

After a few moments she took a deep breath and re-entered the pit. Fully armored, seeing as she hated the thought of the males in there looking at her "shield" and whatnot. That's when everything started to uncloud her thoughts. She smiled and watched the other fighters and even put up a fight with an Orc she had never seen before to let him win.

She watched with pride as Dar'Garok fought just like she had seen Roid. She knew Roid would be proud of him... She'd have to remember to write that in her Diary when she got home of 'Things to Tell Roid When He Gets Back.'

((I just noticed that a LOT of Demi's major RP happens on monday nights.....))
((....That chick is Demi.... It's sad...... DX))

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