<S Key> 8/16 10m is now recruiting!

<S Key> of Kil'Jaeden Horde is now recruiting for our 10m Core!

About <S Key>:
We're a fairly new guild that formed about 3-4 weeks ago. About 5-6 of us broke off from another guild to pursue bigger and better things! We've been progressing fast & hard, jumping rankings for guilds on the server. Due to some roster issues we now need to get some new players in so we can progress into heroics asap!

The GM has been playing since Vanilla, & I since Wrath. We both have seen end game heroic content & have parsed regularly since then.

6/6 Normal Mogu'Shan Vaults
2/6 Normal Heart of Fear


Most have more experience, this is what we've downed as a guild.

Raid Times:
Tuesday-Thursday 5-8 SERVER TIME
We sometimes extent raid time depending on how well we're doing & how the raid feels.
We expect members to maintain 90% attendance, we all know real life sometimes buts in.

Currently Recruiting:
1 Healer (None Holy Pally or Resto Druid)

If your role isn't listed above and you believe you're an exceptional player feel free to apply anyway!

Must have a +475 iL to raid. We don't want a project, sorry.

Our GM, Murzlok is a two time Ex-Glad, season 8/9, as a Frost Mage. We do guild arenas, bgs, & some wPvP. We want to start up a RBG team soon too! So if you love to pvp & want to do kill some alli then whisper me or Murzlok for an inv or more info!

Contact Info:
If you are interested in being apart of <S Key> then whisper, or send mail to me or Murzlok in game, for feel free to apply at http://skey.guildlaunch.com
Come raid with us!
I'm bringing my 483 Fury War as a transfer this weekend. Have full clear heroic experience in Firelands and Cata. Just came back early Nov and wanting to raid again but Madoran is dead so transferring this toon. Also, have a 85 DK right now in Kil'Jaedon as well.
Alright, sounds good. Just message me when you transfer. :D
We still need some ranged dps!

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