[Bug] CRZ broke a quest?

Bug Report
I recently hit 84 on this character, and was excited to quest in Twilight Highlands. I did the bread crumb quests, waited 5 minutes for the zepplin, then took off. Then something went wrong.

Things were going fine until I entered another zone. I was still on the zep, it was still moving, but all of the npc's disappeared [except the goblin at the front of the zep peddling away]. It rocked back and forth as if it was under attack from the twilight drakes, stopped above the "Remains of the Fleet"....and that's it. No quests. No crash landing. I'm just hovering over the crash site in flight form irritated beyond belief.

Edit: I log in this morning to try and pick the quest back up and try again, and it's literally no where to be found. I go all the way back to the harbor, and there are no quests for me. I go to the little area where I await the air ship, and there's nothing there either. Garrosh only has the little dungeon quest for level 15's, and there are still no quests for me in the Highlands.

*sigh* guess I'm gonna spam herb gathering and sit in cata dungeon queues for hours to gain a level. :/

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