Soloing MC, half of the mobs drop nothing

Bug Report
At first, I thought it was because I was still grouped with a friend who had logged off, but I dropped group, got ported out, came back, and still, every other mob drops nothing. Being level 90, I have the luxury of pulling two, killing one, looting it and then killing the other, so I know for a fact that half of the mobs are dropping nothing.

EDIT: Went back out, popped a traveler's tundra mammoth to sell stuff, and it appears that now the corehounds and firelords are not dropping loot, no matter what order I kill them in.

Killed two corehounds back to back, no loot from either.
Not everything in MC dropped loot even when it was new. There's no humanoids in there aside from the bosses so cloth and coin shouldn't be expected, while most of the other things have only a small chance to drop junk and an even smaller chance to drop MC-specific items - plus the usual chance for random world drops.

Really, the only things which are almost certain to drop loot each time are the fire and earth elementals, because these have a higher-than-normal chance of dropping their respective elemental crafting materials, as well as elemental-specific grey items. But even they aren't guaranteed 100% of the time.

The order in which you pull or kill them doesn't matter, nor does the number of them you pull at once. There just isn't a lot of trash loot in there outside of the elementals.
Something has changed, though. I ran MC religiously every week on 4 characters (3 were able to equip Thunderfury, one was there to keep a friend company as he tried for his) for months between Cata's release and Mists' release, and I see a significant decline in the number of drops.
It's possible that something was changed at the same time as gold drops were fixed based on the population of the zone, rather than per monster/boss. Would that about fit the timeframe of the perceived change?

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