[A] <Post Mortem> is recruiting RDPS!

UPDATED: 01/18/13

Post Mortem (Alliance) is looking for some solid players to join our raiding core! We're on the brink of moving over to 25-man raiding, and we just need a couple more players to round off our roster! We are looking for dedicated players who know their class, know their role, know their fights. We have a "Work Hard, Play Hard" mentality, and are looking for like-minded players who want reap the rewards and have fun while playing WoW!

Currently Recruiting:

Protection Warrior
Guardian Druid
Brewmaster Monk

Range DPS:
Shadow Priest (1-2)
Balance Druid (1-2)
Mage (1)
Elemental Shaman (1)
Hunter (0-1--you need to be amazing, no huntards)

MONKS! (all flavors)

*While not all class/specs are OPEN, we are always accepting applications. If you believe you are the best of the best, or maybe even just a little awesome, please don't hesitate to apply. The answer is NO until you ask... sometimes it's still no, but you get the idea. :)

Raiding Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7-10pm server (PST).


Mogu'Shan Vaults - 4/6
Heart of Fear - 1/6
Terrace of the Endless Spring - 1/4

Our Environment aka the "Disclaimer":
Our raid, vent, and guild chats often contain harsh language, off-color jokes, and often sexual content. You will also need to be comfortable with receiving constructive criticism from both the officers and your fellow guild mates. This may include comments on your spec, gem choices, talent choices, etc. We try to maintain an enjoyable gaming environment, but if you are easily offended, or not receptive to criticism, then this guild is not for you. We consider ourselves pretty laid back, and are more interested in having fun and playing the game, then we are in parenting you.

TLDNR ... please visit: http://postmortemofcenarius.enjin.com/recruitment and apply! If you have any questions you can send an in-game message/mail to Caprica (the DK, no accents)
/bump because we 9-manned Feng! Way to go!

Still looking for a MAGE and WARLOCK to join the team!
/Bump&Grind :D
Updated!! We're just looking for MAGES and maybe a Shadow Priest and Monk!
BUMP! Need Monks and a healer and we're ready for 25s!!
/bump for guild first kill in Terrace! WTG team!!

Cap made me do it.

/Bump we need some awesome MONKS!! Where you at?? I know everyone and their mother rolled one this xpac!

Monks (1 healer, 1 melee), Mage, Hunter, Boomkin, Shadow Priest... Go!
Been in this guild for about a month now and I can already tell we got good peeps in here. This guild is moving up quick, and it's actually fun to raid as opposed to some raid environments which feel more like a second job. Put in your app today before you regret not applying sooner.

/Bump... Need some Range DPS!!
/bump for awesome people!

Need one more tank, and some RDPS!!

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