480+ monk/pally healer xferring LF guild

I play as mist monk (483) and holy pally (480) and I am moving one of my characters, whichever that fits the guild requirements, immediately to Sargeras. I am looking for a guild that runs serious progression raids 2-3 days a week after 10 server time.

I am transferring realm cause our raid leader has left and the guild is kind of falling apart. We were doing pretty good and cleared 6/6MSV and 1/6 HOF one month ago. Then suddenly the raid members stopped showing up and we simply cannot find any pugs in a dead server like Azjol-Nerub. We tried hard but we have stopped progressing since then and could only farm MSV every week.

If your guild needs a healer for its 10/25m raid, please reply below or add my battle tag Dommy#1229. =)
Add me Shennin#1781

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