Multiple Brawlers guild fights

Bug Report
Has happened 2 times today somehow there is a glitch that ends up with 3 fights all going at the same time
I see it happen at LEAST once an hour. 2-5 people all at once being summoned in together, mechanics swapping, and ruining possible kills. annoying when you get close on a rank 7 kill...

This is happening tonight as well, 3 of us in the arena at once
I've seen this happen very frequently over the past few days. I've seen up to 6 people get pulled into the ring one after the other, and it doesn't end until either a boss dies, everyone dies, or it goes through everyone in the queue. Just like Braydrel said in a post above this one, it happens at the very least once an hour.

I honestly think this gives some people an unfair advantage. I actually saw someone that was on a rank 8 fight down their boss because there were several other people attacking it with him.

Also, this happened to me when I was on the fight against Deeken. His fight consists of lightning walls that move around the arena, and somebody also on Deeken got pulled into the arena with me, so there were lightning walls all over the floor and we both died within seconds.
It was hilarious though. I just watched people do it over and over. Would be nice if it didn't happen though.

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