Glyph of Fists of Fury

Glyph of Fists of Fury:

Fists of Fury now channels while moving but no longer stuns targets.

I should work for Blizzard.
Absolutely no one has thought of this before.
No, he has a point. Blizzard already prioritizes PvE over PvP so he should work for Blizzard.
More like "Increases first of fury damage by 50% and does damage to every enemy in front of you instead of spreading it evenly".

Then we'll talk about a FoF glyph...
I wouldnt mind a glyth that fof only hits one target. Some fights i need it to do so. Like heroic windlord when he gets the damage debuff it sux not being able to use fof to pool some energy.
We have enough mandatory glyphs, thanks.

Just make FoF a moving channel, or hell retool it to be similar to Bladestorm where using it allows you to continue moving at full speed, but locks other abilities for the duration.
Nope. The stun is a good way to suppress healers. I personally would not choose this glyph, ever. You don't need to move while channeling fists of fury because you can just use disable once to slow, then start the channel to stun them, it makes sure that it doesn't miss.
Good idea. Stuns don't work on bosses anyway, FoF is cool and all but having to stand still is dumb.

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